Interested in Personal Finance? Read My Book!

Typically, the owner of writing services are unscrupulous individuals who care more about money than they do the quality of the brand they've built. I really stand by the company that I built and the products we put out, but more than that, I try to hep people in my personal life when it comes to their careers, finances, health and more. Whether it be helping a friend find the courage to quit a job they hate or helping my girlfriend's dad get started in the stock market, I love helping people. 

I wrote this short eBook about two years ago and have done a few revisions on it since then to reflect changes in the world, stock market and more. It's an easy read, but a powerful one. I hope you enjoy! Be sure to DM me (@killerpapers) on IG if it helped you!

Click here to read my finance book: 12 Investing Lessons I Should Have Learned in High School
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