10 Times The Office Made You Laugh Until You Cried

10 Times The Office Made You Laugh Until You Cried

10 Times The Office Made You Laugh

Until You Cried

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The Office is possibly the best show ever made, which is why we’re all so mad NBC is taking it off of Netflix in 2021. If you ask any fan, they’re sure to recall tons of hilarious moments throughout the show’s nine seasons. I could just as easily have made a “Top 100 Funniest Office Moments” blog post, but I wanted to keep it short. Read on for what I consider ten of the most hilarious scenes in television history, all from the same show: The one and only, The Office.


1.     When Meredith Flashes Michael: After the Christmas party, everyone leaves the office to go to Poor Richard’s, and as Michael is getting his coat on, Meredith comes in. Not paying much attention, he asks if she needs a ride. When he turns around, she’s taken off her shirt and is standing naked in front of him. His reaction is priceless. Deep breath, sigh, then snaps picture before saying, “All right, let’s head out. Sounds good. Do you have a coat?” Where to find it? Episode: Christmas Party. Season 2. Episode 10.

2.     Dinner Party Start to Finish: This episode is in the top three, at least, of every The Office fan’s list. Since there’s no way to sum it up, I’ll just say a few things that will jog your memory: Plasma T.V., babe, Dwight’s babysitter, video camera in Michael’s bedroom, Angela’s ice cream cone, marinating the meat (which will only take 3 hours), okie afterbirth, Hunter’s song for Jan, Michael’s vasectomy, and  “My, my, my turn.” Where to find it? Episode: Dinner Party. Season 4. Episode 9.

3.     When Everyone Panics During Dwight’s Fire Drill: When Dwight feels the office isn’t fully prepared for a real fire, he stages a drill that goes horribly wrong. You wouldn’t think a fire where people are scared, struggling to escape death, and possibly even having a heart attack could be funny, but then again, it’s The Office. There are way too many funny parts in this episode to mention them all, so I’ll go with what I think is the funniest: When Michael says, “Stay f&*( calm!” Runners up: When Dwight calmly says (among everyone’s sheer panic), “Have you ever seen a burn victim?” And when Angela throws her cat up to Oscar through a hole in the ceiling, only for it to fall back down across the room. Where to find it? Episode: Stress Relief. Season 5. Episodes 14 & 15.

4.     Pam Sees Michael Naked: When Pam knocks on Michael’s door, he clearly tells her to come in. When she does, he has no pants on…or underwear, for some reason. It’s hilarious, but the best part comes later when she says, “I didn’t see where it started, but I saw where it ended.” Where to find it? Episode: Fun Run. Season 6. Episode 9.

5.     Kevin Spills His Famous Chili: On Casual Friday, Kevin shows up to the office earlier than everyone else to bring in his prized chili. It’s a huge vat, and he’s obviously proud of the labor that he put into making it, saying, “It’s probably the thing I do best.” When it spills, it would be funny enough, but then they go and have him scraping it up with papers on Pam’s desk, a folder, the chili pot lid, etc. before finally slipping in it. No joke, I am crying as I write this because even the memory of it is too hilarious to handle. Where to find it? Casual Friday. Season 5. Episode 26.

6.     Where are the Turtles: When Dwight and Michael go around to clients distributing elaborate gift baskets in an effort to keep their business, things go horribly wrong. After the GPS leads Michael’s car straight into a lake, he’s had enough. He and Dwight go back to one client and demand their gift basket back. When the client finally gives it to them, something’s missing. The turtles. Michael’s reaction is hysterical. Where to find it? Episodes: Dunder Mifflin Infinity: Season 4. Episodes 3 & 4.

7.     No, God: When Michael learns that Toby has returned from Costa Rica, he thinks it’s a joke. Jim tells him to head back to the annex to see for himself, which Michael does, laughing. When he sees Toby, his face goes completely solemn, and he begins screaming, “No, God! No, God! Please, no!” Where to find it? Episode: Frame Toby. Season 9, Episode 5.

8.     Sprinkles: Sprinkles, Angela’s cat, was good for several laughs. First, Angela said she couldn’t visit Meredith in the hospital because she had to go home at lunch to visit the cats, claiming there’s cliques and bad blood between them. When she asked Dwight to give Sprinkles her medicine, the details were truly uncomfortable, particularly the part where she explained Dwight would need to lift Sprinkle’s tail and rub ointment on her. When Sprinkles died (or was killed?), Dwight put her in the freezer and broke the news to Angela pretty harshly, with her later telling Pam about the gashes in the bag of frozen French fries (must-see!). But the part that I found the funniest was when Pam told Michael that Angela’s cat died, and he not only knew which one, but was genuinely devastated. I don’t know how it gets any better than that. Where to find it? Episode: Fun Run. Season 4. Episode 1 & 2.  

9.     Role Play: When Phyllis is flashed by a stranger, Michael decides to take all of the women in the office to the mall for Women’s Appreciation Day. While sitting together and drinking lemonade, Michael asks what the ladies think about role play. He says Jan has a schoolgirl fantasy, which Karen says is common. Michael reacts by saying, “Yeah, but I’m uncomfortable wearing the dress.” If you don’t laugh till you cry at this part, something’s wrong with you. Where to find it? Episode: Women’s Appreciation. Season 3. Episode 21.  

10.                        Hoist Yourself Up: During the merger of two branches of Dunder Mifflin, Michael tries to impress the Stamford employees with an inclusive group meeting. When he asks Tony, a shy, overweight transfer, to get on the table, Tony tells him he can’t (because of his size). Michael doesn’t take no for an answer and insists Tony simply, “Hoist yourself up on the table.” Michael enlists Dwight to help, and as they’re pushing, Michael yells from under Tony, “I don’t know what I’m grabbing here!” Where to find it? Episode: The Merger. Season 3. Episode 8.


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