2020 is Halfway Gone! Can I Still Meet My Goals?

2020 is Halfway Gone! Can I Still Meet My Goals?

2020 is Halfway Over & You Are Way Off Track to Meeting Your Goals…

Now What??

            The year is halfway gone, never to return. Some might say that’s a good thing since 2020 has been so crazy, so scary, and just so messed up. But I’ll bet it’s safe to say that at the end of 2019, you were all excited to start the new year…the new decade, and that you had all kinds of kick-ass goals planned. June 30th marks the halfway point of the year. You probably already knew that. You’ve probably even been stressing about the fact that you didn’t accomplish anywhere near what you wanted to by now. Between Covid-19, the quarantine, schools closing down, protests, political tension, and other unexpected life events, most of us haven’t done much of anything noteworthy this year.

So is it too late to make 2020 great?

The Good News is…It’s Up to You!

Here are 5 Things You Can Do to Recover Your 2020 Goals

1.     Reassessment: Pull out your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions, goal sheet, or whatever you called it when you made it. Look at it and see what’s within your control to recover. In other words, if one of your goals is to backpack through Europe, there’s nothing you can do to make that happen right now because of the virus and it’s restrictions. Also, If a goal was to do something between January and June (ex. Celebrate your May 22nd birthday on a beach) then that time is gone. Whether it was out of laziness, illness, family obligations, weather, or Covid…the window closed on a time-specific goal. All you can do is either let the unattainable goals go, or reconstruct them into something that makes more sense.

2.     Tweak Your New List: Once you’ve polished your old list and made it more reasonable for the second half of the year, you’ll need to further tweak it. Are your goals specific enough? Ex. You have that you want to bulk up, but do you have a specific plan on how to do that? Do you know what you want to weigh by the end of the year? What’s your diet look like? How about your exercise plan? It’s not enough to list broad goals. We have to get pinpoint specific on what they are and how we’re going to achieve them.

3.     Allow Enough Time to Meet Your Goals: If you think it’ll take you 3 months to meet one of the goals, give yourself 6. Double whatever time you think you’ll need. One of the biggest reasons goals go unachieved is that people give up when they miss the deadline. For example, say you want to save $3,000 by the end of the year. Either cut that number in half ($1,500) or allow yourself until June 2021 to get there. That way, if life gets in the way, you’ll still feel like you have a chance. Not only that, but also, if you happen to meet the goal on time, you’ll feel that much more powerful, successful, and awesome! It’s easy to sit back in a comfortable spot and list out all the great things we’re going to do. It’s much harder to grind and make those things happen when we’re juggling school, work, social responsibilities, relationships, health, and more! So give yourself the gift of time when it comes to goal-setting.

4.     Accountability: So now you have your new list, have given yourself plenty of time to reach the goals, and are ready to hit the ground running. The next thing you have to do is get an accountability partner. I don’t care if it’s your mom, a friend, a coworker, a girlfriend/boyfriend, or a gym buddy. Just get someone who cares enough to check in and make sure you’re doing the work required to meet these goals. If you have to incentivize them (If you reach your goal, you’ll get them a gift card), do it! Whatever you have to do to have someone cheering you on, but also kicking  your butt when you slack.

5.     Celebrate Along the Way: When you hit mini-goals along the way (Ex. You want to lose 30 pounds by December 31st, and you’ve lost your first 10), celebrate! It could be with a group, with one other person, or simply by sending a text to someone telling them you hit a mini-goal. Maybe you buy yourself something small to celebrate, cook your favorite meal, take a progress picture, or enjoy some type of special outing, do something to reward your hard work. Too many people punish themselves with deprivation, grinding, and beating themselves up verbally until they achieve their goal…that they never get to the finish line. Reward yourself for the significant steps on your way to the goal line!

One other thing that might help is to adjust your focus. Success experts tell us to focus on the things we can control, while letting the other things go. In other words, if your neighbor has a barking dog that won’t shut up and is a menace to your peace of mind every single day, you have two choices. Talk to the neighbor and explain what you’d like to see change (warning: this probably won’t work for many reasons) or put on headphones and go about your business. You can’t control the courtesy of a neighbor or the voice box of a dog. But you can block the noise and make your environment conducive to relaxing and living a chill life. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER & LET THE REST GO!


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