A Day in the Life of a Killer Papers Writer


When I was younger, I wanted to grow up and have a perfect job. At one time or another, I considered becoming a teacher, a ballerina, a marine biologist, and a novelist. When reason set in, I quickly concluded that I don’t actually like kids that much, suck at pirouettes, and live 8 hours from the nearest ocean. By the time I graduated from college, I was down to “novelist.” I set the bar high, devouring every Stephen King novel, all of the “how-to” books on writing (including “On Writing” by King himself), and sat for eight months watching a blinking cursor on a blank Word document. One day it hit me: I am a freelance writer! Why spend years of my life on a book when I can spend hours on a paper and actually get paid…most wannabe novelists never earn a cent! Ever since that epiphany, I have been cranking out projects on Killer Papers in my pajamas.

            My day starts around 7:30. I grab a coffee and head into my office, which looks more like a quaint bookstore for one and plop down in my overstuffed recliner. I think about putting on jeans and then decide against it. PJ’s will do. I wake up my laptop and hear the little neighborhood kids excitedly discussing important matters as they wait for the school bus that’s taking them to a place they’ll probably grow to hate. As I log into my Killer Papers account to see what new papers await me, the bus chugs down the street, and I smile, thinking of all my future customers who just got on board. I bid on a few papers, answer some questions from students, and take a yoga break while I wait for replies.

            The rest of the day flies by as I write about race, abortion, politics, history, the classics in literature, and why Joe Somebody needs to get into Columbia or else he’ll die. I say that in jest, as college essays are my all-time favorite projects to edit. A few students message me and tell me how great I am, how Killer Papers is a group of gods that saved their life, and for good measure, there’s even a little constructive criticism thrown in to balance out my ego. At 10 PM, I’m still typing away. This time it’s about why everyone should vomit thinking about dairy. Seriously, look it up, friends! I answer the messages about whether Killer Papers is legit (Yes, we are! I promise!) and other questions on how our company works. 

            It’s time for bed where I’ll continue reading the Harry Potter series since I’m probably the only person alive not to have done so yet. I’m on book three and feel like throwing in the towel, making popcorn, and watching the movies instead, not stopping until Harry puts his kid on the train to Hogwarts in the last scene of “The Deathly Hallows: Part 2.” Ultimately I turn out the light and fall asleep wondering if I’ll ever get to that novel. In the meantime, I quite like the writing and editing I get to do for all of you. 


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