Are People Who Still Vape, Idiots??

Are People Who Still Vape, Idiots??

Are People Who Still Vape, Idiots?

By now, just about everyone knows that e-cigarettes and vaping are highly controversial. They may be flavored with things like mint, mango, and bubble gum, but underneath the cool taste is usually nicotine, and even the ones that don’t have it still have controversial heated aerosols. But that’s old news, right? Hundreds of people have turned up in hospitals across the country with mysterious breathing problems, and many have even died from vape-related illnesses. Not to mention, vaping is such a new thing that there simply is not enough long-term data out there to be sure of exactly how dangerous it is. It’s your life obviously, but I’m just going to give you some stuff to think about.

So Why are We Vaping in the First Place?

There seem to be two types of vape users. First is the group that are already cigarette smokers, but want to quit because they know it’s dangerous. The second group are non-smokers, often kids, who get onboard because of the tempting flavors…and of course, the fact that their friends are doing it.

The problem is, it doesn’t seem to really work in getting smokers to quit altogether. It merely replaces one addiction with another. In fact, scores of research show that smokers tend to take part in dual-use, meaning they still smoke and they vape, too!

As for kids? Recent reports show that about 78% of high school students have vaped, and almost 50% of middle-schoolers have also tried it. Many young people actually do not realize the e-cigs contain nicotine, or really even how dangerous nicotine is in the first place. Once they learn, they are often already addicted.

Isn’t Vaping a Lot Better Than Smoking?

The short answer is: No. E-cigarettes still contain nicotine, which in case you didn’t know, is harmful to developing brains (i.e. anyone under age 24). The vapor includes a crazy chemical called diacetyl, which is linked to lung disease, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and heavy metals. Don’t breeze by the list I just rattled off. If you’re not familiar with VOC’s and heavy metals effects on the human body and brain…please look into them!

The Marketing Ploys of Vaping Manufacturers is Kind of Twisted, Actually

In 2019, President Trump signed a new law that the legal age to purchase vaping products (both containing nicotine and without it) is now 21. But listen to the way the marketing had been prior to that (and to some degree still is). Some vaping companies offered scholarships to applicants that wrote essays talking about potential benefits of vaping. Yes, benefits. Vape companies sponsor big musical and entertainment events to get their name in front of young people. And they have a huge presence on social media. Their goal is to get kids hooked (thus, the fun, fruity flavors) so they’ll have a customer for life.

Aside From Being Highly Questionable in Safety, Along with Gross Marketing Tactics, Here’s 2 More Reasons to Reconsider This Habit

First, it’s a costly habit. It’s not uncommon for teenagers and young people to spend $25 or more each week on pods. Think about it. What could you do with that money that would benefit your life in so many more valuable ways that puffing on vape pen? I don’t know…save money? Invest? Take your girlfriend out for a great date once in a while? Put the money towards college. Buy someone a gift. Be more charitable. Blow it! Who cares? Literally anything is probably better than puffing your hard-earned money away.

Second, I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to be the guy that’s addicted to anything. We’ve all seen him. The guy that can’t go an hour without stepping out to vape. The guy that gets the shakes when it’s been too long. The guy that’s blowing his smoke in other people’s airspace. I don’t know. I am just way too focused on my goals and self-improvement to risk my health or rely on a crutch of any kind.

You May Be Saying, “Whatever, Dude! I’d Like to Make My Own Decisions Thank You Very Much!”

I Hear You…So Here are Some Websites Where You Can Look for Reliable, Unbiased Information on Whether Vaping is The Right Choice For You

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

US News & World Report

The Mayo Clinic

Physicians Weekly

Boston University

The American Lung Association

Medical News Today


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