Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

          Do you ever wonder if teachers and professors get tired of the same old argumentative essay topics? It stands to reason that they do. Wouldn’t you get sick of reading dozens of papers in a row on whether or not marijuana should be legalized? Even if you select a great topic, if countless others are writing about the same thing, professors are bound to be rereading the same information so many times that your essay will appear stale at best, plagiarized at worst!

Here are Some Argumentative Essay Topics to Get the Wheels in Your Mind Turning…


§  Should the top 1% of income earners be taxed at a higher rate? Should they be required by law to donate a certain portion of their income to charity?

§  Is money really necessary in a civilized society?

§  Can money buy happiness?

§  Does the wage gap really exist?


§  Should college be free?

§  What is the one thing that would improve education in the United States?

§  The effectiveness of SAT and ACT tests

§  Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom?

§  Should all U.S. schools distribute personal laptop computers to students?

§  Should single-sex schools be banned? Are they unfair?

§  Is college admission too competitive?

§  Should prayer be allowed in public schools?

§  Are schools and teachers responsible for low test scores?

§  Should failing students still be allowed to participate in team sports games?


§  Do law enforcement cameras invade our privacy?

§  Is the death penalty fair?

§  Is murder ever justified?

§  Do condoms prevent teen pregnancy?

§  Should prisoners be allowed to donate their organs?

§  Why is the suicide rate rising?

§  Should people have a legal right to die?

§  Would global veganism end climate change?

§  Should transgender people be allowed to participate in professional sports that are intended for the opposite sex that they were born?


§  Should trophy hunting be banned?

§  Should animals be used for research?

§  Should we ban factory farming?

§  Are pit bulls good pets (considering all of the human attacks)?

§  Is it fair to keep animals in cages for pets?

§  Is PETA too extreme?

§  The benefits of human support animals

§  There should be stronger punishments for animal abuse offenders


§  Is raising genderless children good or bad?

§  Why are obesity rates climbing?

§  What is the number one thing the U.S. can do about homelessness?

§  Why are autism rates so much higher now than they were 20 years ago?

§  Should transgender people be allowed to use whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable with?

§  Who should be held accountable when a student commits suicide due to bullying? What should the punishment be?

§  Do mass protests help or hurt the cause?

§  Are cell phones causing greater harm than good? (Cancer, depression, etc.)

§  Does the national news report accurately?


§  Democrats are right (or Republicans are right)

§  The government is corrupt

§  Should religion play a part in politics?

§  Should every citizen over age 18 be legally made to vote?

§  Does each vote really count?

§  Should the president be allowed to serve more than 2 terms?

§  Is the government telling the public all we need to know to stay safe?


§  Should race be taught more in schools?

§  Should books, monuments, films, etc. be banned or removed if they depict racism? Is this erasing history or a necessary step towards unity?

§  Why are movements like Black Lives Matter important for fighting racism?

§  Will there always be racism?

§  Does racism serve a purpose in society?

§  What is the most obvious way you witness racism in your school? City? Favorite television shows? Music?

These are some ideas to get you started. When coming up with an essay topic, try to be as creative as possible. For example, you can still pick a topic like whether or not abortion should be legal, but try to take a different spin on it. Try writing about something laser-like specific such as whether mental competency should factor into legality of abortion or what say the father has (or should have) in a woman’s right to choose.

Good luck! And as always, Killer Papers is here if you need some guidance. Our writers have an endless supply of topics to choose from and would love to help you out!


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