Fake Reviews Suck!

Fake Reviews Suck!

Fake Reviews Suck!

And they waste your time by trying to confuse you about who to trust!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don’t have brains enough to be honest.” Lying is nothing new. It’s been around as long as “the oldest profession,” if you know what I mean. Rather than get into the science of lying, I’ll just say that as it pertains to this blog post, there are a lot of liars out there who manufacture false reviews for the sole intention of bashing Killer Papers (and other legit essay-writing services).

Disclaimer: I welcome honest feedback. That’s one of the reasons Killer Papers is one of the top-rated online essay writing and tutoring companies for five years running!

I get both positive and negative feedback and am happy to hear what my customers and followers have to say. Trust me! I have streamlined my company because of, not in spite of constructive criticism. The keyword there is “constructive.” If you tell me ways I can make the ordering process easier, I’ll listen. If you explain to me something you think I could improve upon, I’m game to pull up a chair and hear you out. However, these are not the forms of feedback I’m talking about right now. At all.

Why Create Fake Reviews?

REASON #1: TO MAKE YOU DOUBT THE COMPETITION. When a hack-job of an essay-writing service can plant seeds of doubt in your mind, making you think everyone else is total crap, then they can lure you in (usually with paid-for 5-star reviews and suspiciously cheap prices) and take a crack at your wallet. The truth is, when you know wholeheartedly that you have a great service, you really don’t feel the need to cut others down. There really is enough business out there for everyone.

REASON #2: TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES BY DISGUISING ONE ESSAY SERVICE UNDER MULTIPLE NAMES. Because I’m a gentleman, I won’t call these companies out by name, but let’s just say that many reviews you read from “essay review sites,” are completely made up. Let me explain. Say a company called “Great Essays Bro” wants to snatch up all the papers for himself. Well, what he does is create half a dozen essay-writing services with all different names…but really, they’re ALL “Great Essays Bro.” But that’s not the worst part. Then this guy makes essay review sites and blasts/slanders all of the legit companies like Killer Papers (and a handful of other good essay services) but gives superb reviews for his half dozen companies. Are you following me, here? So when you see a glowing review for “Cool Essays Done Cheap,” it’s actually the team at “Great Essays Bro.” He got you by making fake reviews and operating under the cover of another business name. It’s deceptive at best, insulting and illegal at its worst.

REASON #3: THEY CANNOT DRUM UP BUSINESS ON THEIR OWN. As I said, I don’t mind an honest review of my site. I may or may not agree with it, but I’ll take what they have to say and do my best to fix any weak areas. However, when these (almost exclusively foreign-run companies) devote entire sites to making false reviews that spread misinformation about legitimate companies trying to conduct business, it proves they don’t have what it takes to expand their own business ethically. This, sadly, is usually because their writers are non-native English speakers, so students complain and constantly want refunds.


When shopping around for essay help, you should be able to trust reviews. I know I rely heavily on them whether I’m looking for a pair of shoes on Amazon or a new restaurant (or almost anything else). But when reviews are fake, how does that negatively affect you and me as consumers?


1.    THEY WASTE YOUR TIME: You take the time to read reviews on Trustpilot, Site jabber, and review sites online. It eats up time when you have to weed through what’s real and what isn’t. My tip? When an essay service has ONLY glowing reviews, or all 5-star and 1-star reviews with nothing in-between, do some additional homework. They likely bought the great reviews and the awful ones, I’m sorry to say, are real. You want to find a mix of reviews to know they’re real customers giving real feedback on their experiences.

2.    THEY TRICK YOU INTO PLACING YOUR TRUST IN THE WRONG HANDS: If you read that “X” essay-writing service is great, why wouldn’t you try them out? But if it’s a fake review, it leads you down a path that finds you paying your hard-earned money to scammers.

3.    THEY MAKE YOU DOUBT EVEN THE GOOD ESSAY SERVICES: They make you feel like you can’t trust anyone! Rightfully so! But there ARE good guys out there. I’m one of them. Check out our KP Instagram to see what nearly 150k followers have to say about our work. We’re the real deal!

At the end of the day, you’ve gotta go with somebody, right? I suggest you listen to your gut. Does what you’re reading on these sites seem plausible? Does it sound like sour grapes or like someone who has genuinely used or reviewed a company for the purpose of helping people like YOU make informed decisions?

If all else fails, reach out to an administrative assistant at the essay writing service and see if they’ll ease your mind and prove that they’re worth gambling on. I know if you do that with Killer Papers, you’re going to get an English-speaking, real person (not AI) who wants to help you have a positive customer experience so you can tell your friends about us! Our job is to make your life easier, not confuse the hell out of you.


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