How to Pick an Essay Writing Service

How to Pick an Essay Writing Service How to Choose an Essay Writing Service

          As much as I’d love to get every single project out there, I realize that realistically our team couldn’t handle an influx of millions of orders per month. Also, as a successful entrepreneur, I understand the concept of there being enough business for everyone to play the game. Therefore, I want to do what I always do: Provide valuable service to the public. In this case, I’m referring to teaching you what to look for when considering buying an essay online.  

Here are Some Important Things to Consider When Shopping Around for an Essay

1.    AVOID PRESSURE: When you’re visiting a website, you should be able to take your time and look around. Watch out for sites that harass you with pop-ups, aggressive chat agents, and an all-around chaotic experience. If the experience starts out stressful and full of pressure to “buy, buy, buy” at any cost, that is a huge red flag right out of the gates. You should be able to look around the website, take your time learning about the company, and be free to establish a level of trust before shelling out your money.

2.    LOCATION MATTERS: Try to find a company based in North America. Almost every essay writing service claims to be in the US, but is actually in Kenya, India, Cyprus, or the Ukraine. They will never admit this to you, so watch for clues. If there is a chat agent, ask where they are based. If they say Delaware, Florida, or the United States (in general), that is a big hint they are foreign. Those are the standard answers by foreign essay service chat agents (and even in their Contact info) to questions regarding location. Ideally, you want a company based in the US or Canada, who employs only native English-speaking writers. You should never have to pay more for a native English-speaking writer.

3.    BE WARY OF ADD-ON FEATURES: When an essay writing service tries to charge you more for a native English-speaking writer, that means they employ a majority of foreign writers. Some of these outfits will charge you up to 45% more for a native English-speaking writer. If you pay more, who says you’ll actually get a native English-speaking writer for that extra money? Where is the proof? Other add-on features that should be included with any reputable service are plagiarism guarantees (all work should be guaranteed plagiarism-free), an abstract, requesting a writer you’ve used before, “Top” writers (again, all writers should be top-quality), and writer samples. I’ve seen many (if not most) companies charge 10%-50% more for these features at checkout. Never fall for these tactics!

4.    UTILIZE CHAT AGENTS: Killer Papers does not employ chat agents for various reasons. We do, however, answer your questions through our Instagram and Admin email. However, if you see a chat agent feature, why not use it? Ask basic questions and see if you’re comfortable with the answers you’re getting. Does the agent sound foreign? Do they understand what you’re asking, and seem like they want to help you? If you can’t get a straight answer out of them, or if they’re pushy, move on! Chances are, if your chat agent is sketchy, your paper will be a mess, too.

5.    YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO PICK YOUR OWN WRITER: Most essay writing services will pick the writer for you. You cannot talk to that writer until you’ve paid, and sometimes not even then. In my opinion, that is BS! It’s your money and your reputation on the line. You should have access to the writer throughout the process, asking them whatever questions you need clarification on to feel secure.

6.    WATCH FOR “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” CLAIMS: If an essay writing service claims to employ thousands of writers, all with Ph.D.’s, all waiting to jump on your project, and, oh yeah, papers are only $7 per page…Come on! Use common sense to tell you that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Period. There are basic operating costs in any business that disallow $7 per page, which is why these are the companies that try to upsell you on plagiarism guarantees, “Top” writers, and high-cost abstracts. No one with a college degree is waiting on pins and needles to pounce on a paper they’ll earn $3-$12 for writing.

7.    DON’T BE AFRAID TO PLAY DETECTIVE: An awful lot of essay writing services operate under many (sometimes dozens) of business names. For example, Kiwi Papers, a foreign essay writing service, also operates under the name Edusson (and maybe several others). Essay Shark is also Fast Essay. The problem with this, of course, is that if you get burned by an essay service, you might unwittingly get them again, many times!

2 Factors That Might Matter Less Than You Think When it Comes to Quality Essay Writing Services

1.    ONLINE REVIEWS: Trustpilot bans a lot of essay writing services with little to no explanation. Sitejabber allows companies to remove bad reviews if they jump through certain hoops. It’s common knowledge that fake reviews are a real thing, so watch out. I think reviews are a good thing, but just be careful, and only take them with a grain of salt. The best review is always word of mouth, so ask your friends and classmates who they use for paper writing.

2.    PRICE: No one wants to hear this, because it sounds like I’m justifying higher prices for my essays. Not true! Without boring you, I’ll just say that as I mentioned earlier, every business has operating expenses. This includes legal fees, payroll, taxes, and much more. The cost of living in America does not allow for a $6 paper. Even if I wrote them myself and didn’t have employees, I still couldn’t get by on that low of a rate. No essay writing service can truly make it on dirt-cheap papers, even foreign outfits where the cost of living is much lower than the US. That’s why they’ll tack on a bunch of fees at checkout for things like requesting a writer or getting a plagiarism report or getting a native English-speaking writer.

The old advice to “Go with your gut,” is great. Obviously, I hope you and all of your friends go with Killer Papers for your projects all through high school, college, and beyond. But if you do decide to shop around, just take the advice above. Do your research. Ask questions. Take time to develop trust before paying your hard-earned money on anything in life. It’s not just a paper. It’s your academic career on the line. 

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