Killer Papers vs. The Competition

Killer Papers vs. The Competition

Killer Papers vs. the Competition

Nobody likes to be ripped off, period. I don’t care whether it’s a cup of coffee or a new car. What’s even worse than an obvious scam, though, is the kind that sneaks up on you and makes you feel like a real fool. For example, you meet someone great on a dating website, love their pictures and their witty conversations, so you decide to meet in person. Only then, do you see that they used a heavily filtered (and maybe old) photo of themselves, leaving you speechless upon their arrival to the agreed-upon meeting place. What can you do at that point? You’re kind of stuck with the person…at least for the night.

Well, imagine you take your hard-earned money and buy a paper from an online writing service that promised a quick turnaround time, free revisions, and a price so much lower than the competition that you had no choice but to say YES! When you get the paper back, minutes or hours until your deadline, you see that it’s a hack-job. It’s way too late to rewrite the paper, so even if they’d agree to a refund it wouldn’t do you any good. And P.S., you probably won’t get that refund from them…sorry.

How Can You Spot a Second-Rate Essay Writing Service?

The main (and quickest) way to spot a subpar essay writing service is typos on their website or in any of their communication with you. Do the sentences and phrasing sometimes seem a little “off”? This is likely because the creator of the website (and highly likely the writers, then, too) are NOT native English speakers.

Additionally, look for pricing. It should be readily available (at least an estimate) and should absolutely be similar to the competition. In other words, if most companies are charging $20-$25 a page and this service is promising $10-$15 per page, turn and run…don’t walk…away. I mean, come on!

I could get into all of the reasons why a company offering rock-bottom prices is a huge red flag, but I’ll just give you one illustration. A fast-food burger is usually anywhere from $1.50-$4.00, right? So, what if a new drive-thru restaurant opened and was offering burgers for 35 cents? Wouldn’t you be extremely skeptical? That really is the easiest comparison without me getting into the overhead for every business, and why there is an “average” in the first place. Companies need a certain amount to keep the lights on…you know what I mean?

What’s the Harm in Using Foreign Writers?

Aside from the fact that your papers will come back with strangely worded phrases, incorrect punctuation, and grammar that simply makes no sense, a lot of these companies employ terribly unfair business practices. A recent article in The Daily Mail exposed essay writing services in Africa who pay their writers about a dollar per hour. That is obscene, as writers deserve fair pay for the hard work that they do. It’s also indicative of a seedy business that puts profits above their own staff…so what kind of reverence could they possibly have for their clients?

But You’re the Owner of Killer Papers…Of Course You’re Going to Say You’re the Best!

Well, I’d be an idiot to bash my own company, so I’ll give you that much. However, let me tell you plainly and simply what we offer as a company.

·        Native English-Speaking Writers: Every single one of our writers speaks English as their first language.

·       Fair Pricing: We aren’t the highest prices, nor are we the lowest. We never claim to have bargain-basement pricing. Our writers deserve more and trust me, so do you.

·       High-Quality Papers: First, all of our writers go through a strict vetting process, submitting samples of their work, a complete resume, and proof of a college degree. They are interviewed to be certain their work ethic aligns with that of the company’s. Next, all of our writers run their work through sites like Grammarly to check for errors. Finally, they only bid on papers they feel 100% qualified to handle, so you will never receive amateur work.

·       Quality Customer Service: As the owner of the company, I can say with 100% authority that you will always reach an English-speaking customer service assistant, always get a timely reply, and always be treated like a valued customer.

What About the Sites That Claim Killer Papers Sucks?

Did you know that anyone can start a “Yelp” type company? Pretty much anybody can start a review site for their competition and post any scathing crap they want about a great company…just because they don’t like having tough competition. So, take that into consideration.

Also, as much as it pains me to say this: Some people might not have a great experience with us. It happens, rarely, but it does happen. Name one company, celebrity, or athlete that every single person on earth likes. You can’t. I can’t. I once heard a famous author say that she writes stories for herself, not for her fans. She said there is no way to make sure you give every single reader exactly what they want. It’s an impossibility. Instead, she writes great quality stuff and feels confident her work will reach who it was intended to reach. At Killer Papers, we try very hard to put out quality work, value our clients, and perform in the utmost professional way at all times. Sometimes, as humans, we fall short. But let's be clear: THERE ARE FAKE REVIEW SITES THAT BASH THE COMPETITION, AND LOVE TO TAKE AIM AT KP. 

So, Where’s That Leave Me When I Need a Paper?

Shop around. Do your homework. Read a variety of reviews. There are some decent companies out there, for sure. If you go with Killer Papers, I promise we’ll do our very best to give you the greatest value for your hard-earned dollar. We care about our quality, our customers, and our craft. I think, in the end, that’s all anyone can expect of a company, right?



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