Should You Do an End-of-the-Year Personal Assessment?

Should You Do an End-of-the-Year Personal Assessment?

Should You Do an End-of-the-Year Assessment?

          By now, you’ve probably heard of businesses conducting end-of-the-year assessments. You know, the type of intentional reflection to see where a company’s strengths and weaknesses lie, and how they can best prepare for the year to come. But what about personal assessments? What can individuals gain from looking back on 2021?

3 Important Reasons People Do Personal Assessments at the End of the Year

1.    To gauge whether you hit the goals you outlined at the end of the prior year

2.    To reflect on the highlights, and give yourself a little pat on the back for jobs well done

3.    To reflect on the low points, and create a plan to improve in those areas in the new year

How to Do a Personal End-of-the-Year Assessment

®   Carve out some quiet time to sit and reflect without distraction

®   Make a list of the things you did right (goals you achieved, awards you won, even relationship goals you’re proud of)

®   Make a list of the things you didn’t do so well (failed classes, mishandled arguments, careless spending, etc.)

®   Write a list of goals for the new year (make them realistic and attainable)

®   Share your completed assessment with someone to celebrate 2021’s best and worst (you made it through! That’s worth celebrating)

Tips for Creating a Meaningful Assessment

1.    To jog your memory, pull out your phone and scroll through the pictures, your contacts (any new ones?), and your social media

2.    Ask a few of your closest friends or family members to help you remember some highlights and lowlights of the year

3.    Be as honest with your answers as you can! It’s important to admit the areas you fell short in, so you can move into 2022 stronger and more able to crush your goals

The Most Important Step in Your Personal Assessment

Ø The single most important step in your assessment is to review it often! If you do all this work, then put it away and forget about it, you won’t grow and develop as a person the way you intended when you created it! Look at it often, cross things off your list, add notes, let it be a living, changing organism so you can get the most out of it


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