When it rains, it pours...

When it rains, it pours... My advice on how to be your best self. 

It’s an expression used in everything from Hallmark cards to rap songs. It’s as useful as it is thought-provoking. When it rains, it pours. In other words, when shit goes down, it really goes down.

Lately, like many of y’all, I’ve been stressing. Day to day, things are great. But as I’ve said before, in business, the only thing that matters is longevity or the big picture. More specifically, being dominant, relevant and successful over the long run, rather than just enjoying our day to day income and success. The same is true for many of you in school. While it’s important for our mental health to celebrate the small victories in school like a good test or homework score, the bigger picture is what matters. GPA, internships, jobs, grad schools, etc. Those are what give you longevity or success in the long run. Everything else is rather insignificant.

Day to day, Killer Papers is killing the game, no pun intended. We’re growing our sales month over month, growing our team and most importantly, growing our audience. But over the long term, I’m stressing. The guy who interviewed me recently asked me, “You say people are persecuting you. Who’s persecuting you?” I told him, it’d be easier to name the groups who weren’t!

Teachers, professors, haters, TurnItIn, competitors and more persecute Killer Papers, the hottest essay writing service in the game. I’m stressing over all of these groups, all of which share a common desire to see me fall.

I imagine many of you feel the same way. It’s no secret that the more successful one gets, the harder it is to stay successful and our best selves. Our friends become enemies, our peers become rivals, hell, even our families can get jealous.

So, I write today to articulate my thoughts on the subject of easing stress about longevity and hopefully help any of you currently going through a stressful time. 

According to Jeff Bezos, perhaps the wealthiest man in the world and the founder of a little site called Amazon.com, being your best self is more important than being better than your competitors. At first, that didn’t quite make sense to me. If I’m focusing on being better than my competitors, I have a better chance of beating them, right? As I listened to the esteemed billionaire speak, his thoughts began to make more sense. He said for businesses, a focus on being true to your values and what your customers love you for is more important to success than worrying about what your competitors are doing. According to him, if a business is its best self and focuses on being obsessed with what their customers value, everything else works itself out. With Killer Papers, I could get worried about all of the threats and competitors, but why? If I stay true to you all, stay grounded and provide a down to earth and exceptional customer experience, why would you leave?

I think a similar lesson applies to you all as students or young professionals. You can choose to worry about being better than your peers and spend your time thinking in a one-dimensional and one-goal way: Be better than my peers. Or, you can focus on what you’re genuinely passionate about and being the best you can be. I’m not trying to be a cliche douchebag, I really think this is good advice.

If you’re so stressed about being better than everyone, you’re not focusing on yourself and your values, your focusing on theirs. Stay true to yourself. Be proud of that GPA you’re improving. Be proud of that science project that won second place and was so fucking badass that it impressed everyone, even if the kid with the generic bottle rocket won first place. Be proud of your random-ass college major because it means you put your values and happiness and DREAMS first, not society’s. Be proud of being true to yourself. Carve your own path and get excited about being your best man, not being better than the next man.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what you guys love about Killer Papers. Everyone who hears about my business has ideas and suggestions to grow or scale it, but you guys and what you love is what’s important. Who else has such loyal supporters for a business the way I do?

It can be easy to worry about the threats to our happiness and way of life, but it’s important to focus on our dreams and living our best lives each day. Let’s think about ourselves and our values, not those of our parents, peers or society.

I’m learning with you here, so I’m open to advice on this subject. But for now, let’s start with the advice of Jeff Bezos. Because hell, a guy with $80 billion is a great place to start. But a guy who followed his dream and told his old boss to fuck off is better. He happens to be both, and I aspire to do the same. I achieved the dream part; now I just need the $80 billion.

Bless up y’all and good luck as we take on midterms and finals together!

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