False Reviews - Killer Papers

Having been the owner of Killer Papers for about five years, I've seen just about everything you can imagine when it comes to business highs and lows. And I'm sure you've all heard the saying, "More money, more problems". Until recently, I didn't believe that to be true. But as Killer Papers has grown larger and larger, so too have the problems, most relating to my pesky competitors overseas. The competition sees that we're killing it, so they're trying to destroy my reputation online with fake reviews and recommendations of their own services. Don't believe them! Here's why. 


If you Google, "Killer Papers review", you'll see a few results pop up with less than stellar ratings for my site. Not only are these reviews defamatory, but they're also full of lies and hidden agendas. The most common of these hidden agendas is to direct business to their own site. How? My competitors create websites that claim to be "Third-party" reviewers and they rate their own sites highly with glowing reviews and they rate their competitors (me) negatively. Then, on the negative reviews, they list recommendations of "better" sites to use, which always include ones that they own. 

They've even gone as far as creating Killer Papers reviews on Reddit and using fake/bot accounts to comments false, negative things regarding my business. It's all an effort to drive people to sites they recommend. 

I made a video disproving one Reddit thread that was talking about my business. Here it is:

Basically, what they're trying to do is get people who search for reviews on Killer Papers to see negative things and then decide to go with one of the services that they recommend (which they own). This is pretty messed up, but there's not much I can do about it given that they are based overseas. They play by a different set of rules, and my only option is filing lawsuits against them but that would probably fall on deaf ears given they are overseas and no USA-imposed punishments would apply to them. Furthermore, I could file disputes with ICANN for slanderous or malicious content, but that would be a year-long, very expensive process that would require going to court as well. 

So instead of doing that, I'm making videos disproving these false things they write and create, and I'm also writing posts about it. If you have questions, just email admin@killerpapers.org and we'll tell you more about the business. I've been doing it since 2016 when I worked at a corporate bank - we're truly the best at what we do and that's why we charge what we charge. 

Why would someone leave a fake review?

Think about the first time someone hears of Killer Papers. Whether it be social media, word of mouth or an online blog post, they typically hear great things. But we all should be skeptical of the good things we hear in life, and I don't blame anyone for having their doubts after seeing so many glowing reviews on social media. So, the first thing someone does is type in "Killer Papers review" on Google. 

My competitors, most of which are located overseas and run by people who are not native-English speakers (despite how professional their sites look) and staffed by writers who speak broken English (which is why they're typically a lot cheaper in price and quality), have exploited this search term. They know that everyone checks online reviews, and they know that I can't be rated on a site like Yelp that's legit because I'm not an actual brick-and-mortar business and also, because people don't want to leave reviews with their personal information next to it. In this way, it's hard to get real reviews for essay writing services!

Their goal is to write negative reviews on sites like mine and then post positive reviews about their own sites so that they can essentially "steal" my site traffic. For example, check out this Killer Papers review posted here:


Not only is the site littered with grammar errors, misspellings, and broken English (see the contact page), it's full of flat-out lies. For example, the site says "You might want to discuss a bit with the writer before you order to see if they are native speakers in the first place. Judged by the paper quality, ours definitely was not one."

This is a lie and the purpose of it is to scare you out of using my service. 

Let me be clear: I only hire American college students and graduates. I am one myself, after all, and I know how important it is to have someone who sounds exactly like you writing your paper.

But judge for yourself. Before you purchase any project from Killer Papers, you can chat with 3-4 of our writers. They're chill people with a passion for writing who need to make extra cash. They've lived in the U.S. their whole lives and they've crushed the classes you're currently taking. Killer Papers writers have been carefully screened and you'll see they sound just like you do when you talk with them. 

Compare that to the sites that these negative reviewers rate highly like RushEssay.com. You can't even chat with their writers until after you pay! That's sketchyyyyyyyy AF! 

So, just use common sense when considering a purchase from my site. There are a lot of groups out there trying to steal my customers or trick them into purchasing from a foreign service with glowing, but fake, reviews. I have been posting positive reviews on social media for years. My comments sections are glowing and you rarely heard a bad word about my company. We're just a group of talented American writers looking to make money in the gig-economy. We've graduated from the likes of Ohio State, Penn State, Florida State, etc. We're the smart kids that the professors loved. Hell, some of us are even former TA's!

Talk to my writers, ask questions, get comfortable and then decide if you want to pay. If you've got questions, just hit the contact button on my site and we'll be happy to talk. Killer Papers is legit and despite what you might read online, just remember that everyone has an agenda. If you want to find out the truth for yourself, just talk to us and see the vibe that you get. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 

Update: I found a few REAL reviews. Check them out! Nice to see some people giving legitimate reviews.