Killer Papers vs. Our Competitors: Is Killer Papers Worth It?

If you think Killer Papers is too expensive and you're considering using one of our competitors, listen to this. 

Hey guys, I'm KP and I'm the owner of When I was 21, shortly after I graduated from a prestigious North American university in three years with my finance & economics degree, I founded Killer Papers with the goal to help other students achieve their academic goals. Over the past four years that I've been in business, I've managed to grow our brand to become a major and reputable player in the tutoring and writing industry. How? I've always told my writers one thing: Treat every project like it's your own & NEVER give a client something that you don't proudly stand by. 

Our Prices vs. Our Competitors

A common complaint I've seen over the years is that Killer Papers is too expensive. Our papers usually start around $25 per page depending on the difficulty of what you request and the length of time we have to write it, and some competitors are certainly cheaper. However, I've never changed our pricing because of one thing: QualityQuality is directly correlated with pricing in this industry. The cheaper a paper gets, the lower quality the person behind the keyboard typing that essay.

Sure, you could go with a cheaper service to save a few bucks. If I was a broke college student, I would definitely consider it. But what you need to know is that Killer Papers only hires American & Canadian writers who speak English as their first language. These writers have been in your shoes, have taken similar classes and have lived similar lives. They are EXACTLY who you want to be writing your projects. 

Other sites, and I should mention that this means the majority of them, outsource their writing operations to places like India, Kenya and other countries in Asia and Africa. Why? Because they can pay their writers as low as $1/hour. Don't believe me - just click and read here. If you're looking for a quality essay, I guarantee someone who is willing to write for $1/hour is not going to be able to create that for you. These sites lure you in with low prices, but hang you out to dry once you get your paper back and realize you could have written something better drunk off your ass. Poor quality, bad communication, incorrect citations & plagiarism are rampant when you work with writers who are not familiar with the US and Canadian academic systems.

Here's what you'll find if you dig around on other writing sites:

Here's a post I did where I bought an essay from a competitor called and posted the outcome. You can see the quality for yourself and see what others are saying in the comments:​

Of course, some will say I have some bias... but I also have something else: A conscience!

Because we only staff the site with reputable, USA & Canadian college grads, our cost of doing business is higher. No one in their right mind who can write a quality paper will work for $1/hour. To get a quality paper like the one you're in search of, and to have it written from scratch, you need an American or Canadian writer who speaks English as their first language.  We've got to pay fair rates that work for those residing in the USA & Canada. In other words, I pay my guys enough that they can live off of it. One writer made more than $50k last year having done over 1200 projects! As such, our prices are a bit higher simply because the costs are higher.

So, you might still be thinking, "Can't I just fix up my essay and make it better and save some money?" The answer is MAYBE. I won't bullshit. That might work occasionally. But you've also got to be wary of plagiarism. Look up any writing service and you'll probably find both good and bad reviews. A lot of them write bad reviews on their competitors and their competitors do the same to them. So you really can't trust what you read online unless it's from a reputable source. 

But you CAN go with your gut. Think about it - If someone's working for $1/hour, what level of CARE do you think they'll treat your paper with? I would reckon not much and I know someone with that skill level cannot write a proper paper that is suitable for your needs. If they haven't taken American or Canadian high school and college courses like my writers and I have, they won't know how to format and cite sources properly, either. So if someone is writing for $1/hour, what incentive do they have to not plagiarize or write terrible thesis statements or not fulfill word counts or not cite sources correctly? Not much if you ask me. 

Killer Papers is a great site to write for - Like I said, I paid one writer more than $50,000 last year and a few others made more than $30k just working part-time as a side hustle. Writers here are compensated pretty well and they've got an incentive to do well on your projects. They take pride in the work they do. If they don't, we issue immediate warnings and then enforce those warnings with removals from the site if need be. Thankfully, due to our rigorous interview process and high standards, this rarely happens and if it does, we'll issue a full refund. 

Writers here are just like you and they actually give a fuck if you succeed. Both because they want you to succeed, and because they need to succeed to keep their writing position with the company. 

What's next for my writing team?

As our company continues its growth, we're going to be shifting to lots of new project types and offerings to compete with the likes of Chegg and One thing I can guarantee you is that I'll always make sure any writer on the site is one that gives a shit about how your paper, outline or homework turns out. Not because I'm some good samaritan, but because I want you to spread the word about how great we did. At the end of the day, I'm a good guy, but money is what pays the bills. It just so happens I can make more money by being a good guy, so even more reason to do the right thing and actually represent myself properly. 

Killer Papers is Canadian-owned and operated and will be until the day we close our doors. You might be tempted by other sites promising the moon and stars for a fraction of the cost, but just know Killer Papers writers are in a league of their own and you're paying for the best of the best. 

Hope you choose us! Click HERE to get started with Killer Papers!

A look at my competitors writing teams and products: