Essay writing service do's and don'ts

Essay writing service do's and don'ts As many of you reading this have never ordered an essay, but may with the new semester coming up, I thought a smart idea would be to put down some do's and don'ts that will make not just my life easier when you order an essay, but yours, too. 

Without further ado, here are my essay writing service do's and don'ts. 

Do: Include all of your information and the whole prompt in your initial request. 

Very often, students leave out critical details that they go on to tell us about later, often after we have already started their custom project. It might be a detail about the works cited, a photo that should be included, a minimum number of quotes needed or any number of important details.

Almost always, this will result in the student having to pay extra as we have redo part of our work. It's only fair to compensate your writer for that! So, always include ALL of the information on your request form. 

Don't: Request your essay before you are able to pay for it or demand a lower price. 

This happens a few times a week. A student sends in a detailed request and then we reply with a price. They then notify us that they aren't able to pay until next week. If you do this, the price will always increase as we have less time to finish it. It can also add confusion if your request has been buried beneath hundreds of other emails and orders. It helps us tremendously if you pay the same day as you make your request. 

If you're looking for an estimate for your essay, you can use the price estimator on the home page to get a ballpark idea. If you're only a few dollars away from paying for your essay, let us know and we might be able to help. But, if we tell you $80 and you offer $40, you will not get a reply!

Do: Confirm that your payment has been received. 

Some of y'all have e-businesses or different names than the name on your essay request listed on your PayPal account, and when you send us a payment, it doesn't match to any request. We might get a request from Don Smith and he pays under a PayPal with the name, "The Shoe Plug". When this happens, we don't have an easy way of figuring out who that payment is from!

Always shoot us an email right after you pay and confirm we received your payment, per the instructions on our website.

Don't: Change the due date on us. 

If you have paid for your essay and then try to change the due date, it adds confusion to our system. If you do need to change the due date and it is earlier than you indicated on your initial request, we will have to charge you an additional fee. Always be sure that you have the correct due date on your order form!

Do: Offer to pay if you need revisions that were NOT the fault of the writer. 

Maybe you turned in your project and got some lnow want revisions. Maybe you left out some details in your request and now need some changes. Whatever the case may be, if you decide you want revisions, always be willing to pay if it was not the fault of your writer. 

Per our disclosure, we write to satisfy the instructions that we are given at the time of the order. It's of the utmost importance that you give us clear, detailed and conclusive instructions on your request. If you do not, and you want changes later, we will require an additional fee. 

Don't: Be disrespectful to me, my assistants or my writers. 

Disrespect will not be tolerated. If there is an issue, I am ALWAYS happy to look into it. I gave a full refund to a kid one time who complained. Once I reviewed the project for myself, I saw that the writer just sucked, plain and simple. I parted ways with the writer, gave a refund to the student and saved that customer relationship. 

I run this essay writing service in the most ethical and clean way that I can. Don't be rude or demand that we lower the price, or you will find yourself blocked before you even have a chance to try our service. 

Don't: DM me on Instagram, unless it's a review!

Always check our FAQs first! If it is not answered there, feel free to email us directly with your questions. I rarely answer DM's anymore!

Hopefully these tips help you and just know, we really appreciate your business and willingness to try us out and tell your friends!

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