Is Community College Right for You?

Is Community College Right for You?
I remember my senior year of high school overall being my favorite year of school. I was so close to graduating and never having to ask if I could go to the bathroom or get in trouble for chewing gum again. One part of senior year that was very stressful though was college applications. I stressed myself out trying to make deadlines to all these expensive schools. When I graduated, I ended up moving out of state and what worked out the best for me at that time was going to community college. I felt bad about it at first, as if I wasn’t as good as fellow classmates who were going off to four-year colleges. That quickly left my mind though when I started my first day. I loved the community college I attended. The teachers were attentive, the campus was beautiful, and best of all it was a fraction of the price compared to other schools I was considering. If I would have known at the beginning of my senior year I was going to end up going to community college, it would have made for a much less stressful year where I could’ve fully enjoyed my last year before becoming an “adult.” So before you go ruling out community college as something for “dumb kids,” think about these factors:

• Cheaper tuition
• Smaller class sizes
• Teachers will know your name and be more attentive
• You can live at home and save money (or put that money towards Killer Papers)
• Allows for more flexibility to work if you choose
• If your high school grades weren’t that great, you can work on improving your transcripts to get into your dream school
• You can take different classes till you figure out what you want to do for sure and you won’t be wasting as much money as if you did that at a four-year college
• Because community colleges typically enroll commuter students, they offer flexible class schedules to accommodate all different types of student’s needs.

Lastly, when you go to apply for a job once you graduate, it is going to say you got your degree from whatever four-year college you attended. The difference between you and the other applicant who has the same degree is you are going to have spent half of what they spent on that degree.

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