Summer 2020 Bucket List

Summer 2020 Bucket List

Summer Bucket List 2020


Although summer doesn’t technically begin until June 20th, most of us look at June, July, and August as summertime. This year is particularly strange with the Coronavirus interrupting travel and life as we’ve always known it. On top of that, the country is in the midst of protests as a result of George Floyd’s murder. So everyone is uptight, angry, hurt, and also just really tired of the stay-at-home orders. Many of us are asking, “Can the summer of 2020 still be great, despite all of the trying times we’re going through?” The answer is YES!


Here are some ideas of activities to add to your Summer 2020 Bucket List!

(Hint: A lot of them will channel your inner child because no one knows how to rock summer like kids!)


      Watch the sunrise (or sunset) from your local or state park

      Go to a farmer’s market and try locally-grown produce (there’s a difference, I promise!)

      Create a new workout routine (and do it outside sometimes!)

      Take a daytrip somewhere new (just type in “daytrips from____” on a google search)

      Host a cookout with your friends (ask each person to bring something)

      Have a water balloon fight with your friends (or siblings or neighbor kids)

      Create a summer playlist

      Go night swimming (or swim in the rain…just something different than a regular daytime dip in the swimming pool)

      Try a new ice cream flavor (preferably while taking a walk on the beach or through a nice downtown area)

      See a movie in the park (most cities have them; check your city website)

      Take in a free concert in the park (same as above, most cities have these all summer)

      Make a fire pit in your backyard. It’s ridiculously easy, and a great way to spend evenings

      Make s’mores

      Go to a carnival (and win a stuffed animal, ride the ferris wheel, eat a funnel cake, and bring home cotton candy to eat for breakfast the next day)

      Fly a kite

      Build a sandcastle (if you don’t live near the ocean, many lakes have sandy beaches)

      Go on a real picnic


      Go fishing

      Rent a bike or scooter in a nearby city and see it from a whole new perspective

      Play frisbee (or cornhole or catch or anything that gets you away from the TV)

      Get a tattoo (if you’re not ready to commit, try a henna tattoo on for size)

      Have a yard sale to raise money for something you really want (tip: advertise well, and sell brownies and bottled water for an extra boost in revenue)

      Learn how to skip stones

      Go stargazing

      Sleep outside (on the beach, in the back of your truck, in your backyard…)

      Catch lightening bugs (but let them go after a while because why kill them needlessly, you know??)

      Run through a sprinkler

      Gather some friends and neighbor kids and play a vintage game like kick the can or freeze tag

      Make a tire swing (and use it!)

      Create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk (or spread positive messages by writing on sidewalks and parking lots)

      Lay in the grass and watch the clouds pass by (I once saw the sorting hat from Harry Potter…no joke)

      Make a root beer float

      Use your laptop (or phone) outside. Sit on the porch and enjoy the birds, butterflies, and breeze around you


What’s on your 2020 Summer Bucket List?


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