Killer Papers is an online writing and tutoring service. Below are some questions we get on a regular basis. If your question is not answered there, feel free to submit a request and ask one! 

1. How does Killer Papers work?

Killer Papers assists customers who need custom-written essays, PowerPoints, speeches and other types of projects completed. You upload the instructions for your project via our request form, our writers take a look and will offer you a price (you'll be emailed when they do), and you can accept it if you deem it fair. 

All papers, speeches, PowerPoints, etc. are written from scratch based on the guidelines you provide. These essays are 100% original, but they are meant to be used for research purposes. Our business does not condone plagiarism of any kind. 

2. Are Killer Papers essays plagiarism-free?

Of course. We write everything from scratch and always include a FREE works cited page with proper citations throughout. We can write APA, MLA, Chicago and many other formats. Papers are meant to provide a model of what the perfect essay should look like, and we do not condone turning essays in for academic credit. Doing so may violate your academic code of conduct. 

3. Who are your writers & tutors?

Any tutor for Killer Papers is an upper-level college student or a recent college graduate of a reputable university. They have been carefully screened to guarantee satisfaction on all given projects. Killer Papers writers must be excellent writers, amazing communicators and have impeccable attention to detail. 

Other writing services outsource their writing operations to foreign countries because it's cheaper and can make them more money, but the quality is always lower when you do that. Therefore, KillerPapers.org ensures that all writers are from English-speaking countries so as to produce the greatest quality projects and papers. 

4. What grade levels do you guys do?

Our writers at Killer Papers help high school and undergraduate students. Occasionally we can handle work for graduate students as well and we also write professional content or blogs and websites.

5. What subjects can be covered?

Subjects our writers are able to cover vary widely and can include, but not limited to the following:

English, Literature, Science (Bio. and Chem. majors write for us!), American History, World History, Religion, Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology, Linguistics, Film and Theater, Business, Music, Media, Art and many more!

6. How do I pay and what methods of payment do you accept?

Credit/debit card only. Sorry, no cash.

7. Is Killer Papers legit? Do you guarantee good work?

Yes we are and yes we do. It's all part of the KP Trust Pledge. We guarantee that we'll do our absolute best to meet the provided specifications of the project you need. Other writing services like ours may be cheaper, and that's because the quality is lower. Our quality is top-tier which is why we have so many positive reviews, and unfortunately some higher prices. In life, you get what you pay for, so I'd recommend you don't be cheap when it comes to this line of work.

Remember, with Killer Papers, you get native-English-speaking, college-educated writers and a guarantee. A lot of other essay writing services are staffed by foreign writers and have numerous negative complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Go with Killer Papers and you'll have a great experience, guaranteed.

If you'd like to read more about our service vs. the competition, check out our posts on Medium

8. Can you write in any citation style (MLA, APA, ASA, Chicago, etc.)?

YES. All of our writers are college graduates, so they've been in your shoes before and can help you out.

9. How much does Killer Papers cost?

Killer Papers pricing varies based on the length of the project and the due date that you provide as well as a variety of other factors. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay around $20-30 per double-spaced page. All essays come with a FREE works cited page. That does not count as a page when submitting your projects. 

Pricing for projects like PowerPoints, study guides, speeches and more can be given once you send in a request. 

10. Can Killer Papers do my online class?

Killer Papers, Inc. does not offer the completion of online coursework. We are happy to help with projects like essays, speeches, PowerPoints and general tutoring. We aim to provide academic assistance with the goal of helping enhance a students knowledge and academic performance and our work is for reference use only.