Homework Helper Honor Code

Homework Helper by Killer Papers Honor Code

The Homework Helper Honor Code at Killer Papers is a combination of a mission statement and an honor code to which the tutors adhere, ensuring the promotion of academic integrity. The policy states Killer Papers’ guidelines for both tutors and students for maintaining professional and academic accountability through the work completed at Killer Papers.

Killer Papers Expectations of Tutors (The Tutor Code of Morality)

Killer Papers tutors refuse to participate in or orchestrate academic falsehood (cheating) in any form. Killer Papers has zero-tolerance for knowingly assisting customers (students) in cheating, committing fraud, or obtaining grades they have not fairly earned. This includes:

  • Plagiarism
  • Cheating
  • Assuming False Identity (Pretending to be someone else for any reason)

Tutors will refrain from completing any graded assignments or completing exams for a student. If a tutor is found in violation of any of these offenses, swift and permanent action will be taken to sever all professional ties between Killer Papers and the tutor in question.

Killer Papers expects tutors to guide students in a better understanding of the course work by asking and answering questions to clarify the areas the student needs extra help. This can be problem-solving, outlining, and efficient note-taking, to name a few. The goal of Killer Papers tutors is to guide customers to become better students through a higher level of understanding of the subject matter, rather than merely doing the work for them.  

Killer Papers Expectations of Students (The Student Code of Morality)

Killer Papers is comprised of a team that strives to help students, but never at the risk of their academic careers. No tutor will knowingly or willingly help a student violate their school’s academic code of morality and ethics. If this is asked of any Killer Papers tutor, it will be turned down 100% of the time.

Students may be banned from Killer Papers if they request that tutors violate the Homework Helper terms. Students should understand that Homework Helper is designed to assist students in comprehending difficult concepts in sciences, mathematics and more. Simply copying provided solutions will not assist you in learning or educational growth, therefore we do not support such activity. 

A Message To Our Tutors

Killer Papers takes the responsibility of helping our valued students achieve academic success very seriously. As such, we strongly encourage you to practice integrity, honor, and dignity as representatives at our esteemed company. When in doubt, always ask the Admin team for help and clarification. Additionally, always stress to the students you work with that our goal is helping them to become better students, producing quality work that they achieved through their own perseverance, patience, and efforts. Having you as a valued member of our team means Killer Papers trusts you will, as a tutor and representative of our company, always conduct yourself with integrity and honesty, never compromising the reputation of Killer Papers, the students, parents, or institutions involved, let alone yourself. Adopt, as we have, the philosophy that there is no room in tutoring for plagiarism, impersonation, cheating, or other forms of academic duplicity.