The KP Trust Pledge

The number one tenant of is TRUST.

Hey guys, I'm KP and I'm the owner of When I was 21, I built Killer Papers from nothing and did so 100% on my own for the first three months before I hired some writers. I wrote ALL of the papers, and I wrote most of them for FREE!

Why free, you might ask? I needed to build TRUST!

I had no reputation, reviews or even a halfway-decent website, I was just one anonymous dude on the internet claiming I could write badass, A+ papers. Most people thought the business was a scam, most people thought I'd steal their money, many people thought I'd just copy essays from the internet. Wrong, wrong and WRONG!

I wrote for free in exchange for honest customer reviews and consistently crushed the papers. I posted all of the testimonials, and eventually, I started charging after I had built a solid reputation. I proved myself to be an ALLY of students. I respect everyone for having doubts but fear not: My team is here to help. was, is and will remain a trusted ally of high school and college students. We collect the absolute bare minimum amount of information about you that's necessary (We just need your first name and email address to register, nothing else), we use an SSL-encrypted platform and a world-class payment processor, and retain only the most trustworthy writers on our site. 

I pledge that we will do everything in our power to maintain your anonymity and reputation.

I also pledge to be REAL and FAIR. Killer Papers is an honest, hard-working group of individuals with one goal: To make money to help pay the bills while doing something they're good at. We work hard, fair and honestly, and our countless reviews demonstrate that. We will do our best to fulfill your request to the provided specifications and we'll work with you afterward if you're not happy with what you got (though that almost NEVER happens!)

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to try to answer them or ease your concerns. 

- KP, Owner & President of Killer Papers