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"Tom crushed my essay. Not only did he exceed my expectations, he sent it to me two days early. Will use again!!" - Aaron - High School Level

"I just want to say I am blown away by my experience with LeeAnn. She answered all of my questions before I paid and I felt pretty comfortable knowing she has a background with a degree related to communications studies, which is right where my paper fell. I'll be back in the future, and in the mean time... give that woman a raise!" - Alex - College Level

"If you're looking for someone to stay on top of your academics better than yourself, your teacher or your parents, use Kellie. She brought up so many things during the request and writing process that I hadn't even thought of. Super happy with her work!" - Amanda - College Level

"I've used Killer Papers with the writer Bryce since 2017. No complaints. Everything has been on time and it's cool to know he plays collegiate basketball like myself." - Tomas - College Level

"Here's a review for you all. Killer Papers is the GOAT. They've been saving my ass since 2016. I was legit one of their first few customers when they were charging like half what they're charging right now. Even with the higher prices, it's worth every damn penny. " - Preston - High School Level

"Killer Papers is clutch. I wish I would of found them sooner. Thank you LeeAnn writer! " - Angela - High School Level

"If not for Killer Papers I might not have passed my introductory English course requirement. As a science major, this course is pretty much useless, so I knew investing my time in it wouldn't be wise. Thank you, KP! " - Martina - College Level

"Here's my Killer Papers review. Their service is godly. If your a student and you don't know about them, find out quick. They are the real deal!!! I want to buy my usual writer, Tom, a beer someday. " - Nick - College Level

"Killer Papers is a life saver. Literally. Communication was great. The prices are kinda high but if I'm going to be lazy, might as well do it right and go all out. " - Ronnie - College Level

"The amazing thing about Killer Papers is their customer service. " - Sam - College Level

"If it weren't for the prices being a little high, I'd not be able to say a bad thing about this service." - Alan - College Level

"I'd highly recommend Killer Papers to anyone who needs help on an essay or something else. There are a lot of sketchy sites our there but it's good to know the owner and the team are just college students like me, or graduated recently. " - Alamo - College Level

Third Party Review Sites

You cannot trust all third-party review websites in the tutoring and writing industry. Many of these "third-party" review sites are run by the owners of select essay writing services. They write false, negative reviews of essay writing services like Killer Papers, and then they praise their own. Be careful which reviews to trust, and always remember to DM the owner of Killer Papers on Instagram, email or chat with our legit, American and Canadian writers before making your purchase. We'll put your mind at ease. 

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