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When you submit a request, 3 of our writers will bid on your project and offer you a price. Before accepting it, you can read about them below!


Bryce is a long-time writer of Killer Papers, having completed over 500 assignments for students during his time with KP. He has excelled in writing since he was young, and has been writing papers for his classmates since he was in high school. Bryce is an undergraduate student and ex-NCAA basketball player, studying Supply Chain Management, excelling in Business and Economics related papers. While these are his strong suits, he will nail nearly any paper that can be researched, from biochemistry to world history. When Bryce isn't writing papers, he's playing basketball, working out, or hanging out with his friends.


Melissa is a writer for Killer Papers, and has recently acquired her Bachelors of the Fine Arts and Masters of the Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Her work has appeared online and in print as early as 2005 when she was a sophomore in high school. Her graduate thesis was nominated for Best Thesis in Young Adult Literature, and her writing has been published in various literary magazines and journals, such as the Minor Bird, Gemini Literary Magazine, and Poetry South Review. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling and competing with her horse. In her downtime, she cuddles up with a good book and her cat.


Kellie graduated from one of the best colleges in the Northeast, and as a sort of shy actress, found out afterwards that being on the stage wasn't necessarily for her. However, writing about the stage totally was! Living in Brooklyn, working in a theater by night and writing your papers by day, this writer spends her free time playing with two little Italian Greyhounds and eating as many cookies as she can get her hands on.
By the way--English, History, Theater, Social Sciences, she's all about those.


Katie has been writing with Killer Papers since August 2017, having graduated with a Master's Degree in Biology in 2014.  Katie also has a minor in English Literature and an undergraduate specialization in the Foundations of Medicine.  Katie enjoys writing about all concepts, backgrounds, and subjects, as her wide range of interests was barely covered in college, even with such a wide range of classes, majors, and specialization certificates!  In her free time, Katie enjoys cycling, hiking, and all-around adventuring.


Kara has been writing with Killer Papers since 2017. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Kara likes to write research papers, personal narratives, and analytical essays. She has written about a wide variety of topics since working at Killer Papers.


Eleanor has a BA in Rhetoric/Writing and Spanish from a Public Ivy. She is a professionally trained writing consultant from her university and has conducted over 200 hours of consultations. She is also a recent alum of a prestigious teaching organization with two years of experience as an educator. In addition, she has also been a published columnist and has written on a variety of topics. With hundreds of hours of instruction under her belt, Eleanor has a keen eye for detail and sweats over the small stuff. She strives to write in a technical and sound manner without sacrificing creativity or humor, which allows her to be adept on writing on a variety of subjects. 

With Eleanor, you have the best of both worlds of having your paper not only written from the perspective of a student, but that of an instructor as well. When she’s not writing or teaching, she enjoys traveling, pretending to be a vegan, and figuring out how to write this ending without sounding like a dating profile. 



Marie studied international business and creative writing in college and received her bachelors in 2016. She has had a love for writing since she was young, and helped her friends to edit and their own papers throughout high school, college, and beyond. She currently has published two novels and has 4 more in the process of being published. Marie specializes in creative papers, analytical papers, and business topics, but is known for getting papers done efficiently and with quick turn around time. When not writing, she enjoys travel, checking out new restaurants, and spending time with her friends at the beach. 


Tom was one of the first writers employed by KP, and has completed nearly 800 papers for clients such as Harvard, NYU, Stanford, and UCLA during his time with the company. Quickly becoming a favorite among students, Tom credits his success as being partly due to having acquired a bachelor’s degree in Communication from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities. Foregoing numerous opportunities to work in corporate America, Tom instead travels the world while working as a professional writer for numerous publications, and of course, Killer Papers. 

Leaving a paper trail of high scores, saved grades, and baffled professors in his wake, Tom combines the eloquence of a seasoned scholar of literature with the vibrancy of a young, creative mind in his work. Passionate and knowledgeable about virtually all and every topic that comes across his desk, Tom is one of the few people in the industry today who can genuinely claim to have “seen it all” when it comes to writing papers.


Gina recently graduated with two master’s degrees, including an MBA. She also has a BA/BS and has been writing professionally for over ten years. She enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics and subjects including nutrition, policy, business, and marketing. Gina’s graduate thesis research is currently being featured in the local media. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering, reading, and taking her dogs to the park!


Matt has been a writer for Killer Papers for about a year now. In that time period, he has completed over 350 writing, math and full course assignments. Matt has exceled in writing throughout his educational career, achieving the highest overall English average in his class of 600 students and finishing 7th in his class. While not working for Killer Papers, Matt is studying software engineering, pursuing an economics minor and raising the most adorable dog in the world. Although Matt prefers ethical and analysis papers, he is proficient at any topic.  


Sheena recently graduated with a Master of Arts degree in English. She has experience writing on a variety of topics, including history, cultural studies, art, psychology, philosophy, and communication. When she's not writing essays, she's ravenously reading novels, writing for magazines, or traveling. 


Jordan has a bachelor's degree in political science from Fordham University and has worked with elected officials and in the non-profit sector. He minored in philosophy. He also has several years of experience as a freelance writer and blogger and has written extensively about business topics and the psychology of persuasion. When he's not writing for you, he's working on finishing his epic novels and books about military history, which he has studied extensively.


Courtney is working towards a Bachelor's degree in English Education. She has been helping her peers write papers since high school and has acquired an admirable ability to weave words like pure poetry. Courtney is proficient in research, analytical, or narrative styles, and is a major advocate for creative writing. She faces the writing world with a pen in one hand and a large cup of coffee in the other. Writing has been her passion since she was young, but she attributes her success to essentially living at the library as a child.  When she's not writing papers, she enjoys eating impressive amounts of food and watching Netflix. 


Paul has been writing for Killer Papers since 2017, and is currently a graduate student in a Midwestern creative writing program. He's been using that grad degree to make some sick literary memes, and he frequently leaves notes on public transport -- these notes are usually Seinfeldian complaints about Tinder, Baby Boomers, or bad drivers, but they're all written with the same care and craft that he'll bring to your essay. While most comfortable writing about poli sci, English, or history, he can handle almost anything you throw his way.


Marina has a Bachelor of Arts in History, an MBA from UCLA, and a Master's in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She's worked in marketing and promotion, graphic production, advertising, tourism, and more. With that diverse experience and educational background, she's able to expound on a wide variety of topics, and has written for Fodor's Travel Guide, Explore History, and many online outlets. When she isn't writing or sticking pointy objects in people, Marina likes to be out on the trail as much as possible.


Sam has B.A’s in creative writing and anthropology. He is the right sort of nerd, with a broad interest in many of the topics people happen to need papers written about, including anything about politics and government, all of history, literature, ethics, philosophy, and basically anything that doesn’t involve math. He also has a soft spot for arguing and persuasive papers as he was a decorated high school debater many moons ago.

When he’s not writing essays, Sam continues to work on his novel, which he hopes will be ready to unleash on the world within the next 40 years. He is also an avid online gamer, hiker, and bicycle enthusiast.  


Dr. Z

Z has been working with Killer Papers since January of 2017, refining his craft to provide excellent results to students like you. He dual majored at a prestigious liberal arts institution, acquiring a bachelors of science in both cellular neurobiology and clinical psychology, before transitioning into graduate school. Now nearing completion of his doctorate, as well as a masters in clinical nutrition, Z possesses a wide range of expertise and abundant experience writing. The sciences, economics, and political sciences are his strong suits. However, a passion for learning allows him to produce a quality product regardless of the academic discipline. 


Jenn has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She works as a Research Analyst and enjoys writing after work as a hobby. When she’s not working or writing, she’s probably at the gym, playing with her Great Dane, taking a dance class, or watching hockey! Subjects she enjoys writing about are anything related to psychology, sociology, and criminology.


Haley recently graduated with her BA in English Literature and is working towards her MA in Comparative English Literature. As an English major and tutor in college, she wrote plenty of college-level academic papers and became well adept at figuring out what professors are looking for with assignments. She loves writing and helping students get the grades they want!


Lina started kindergarten as an immigrant with absolutely no knowledge of the English language... With the help of her library card, she went on to graduate as valedictorian of her elementary & middle school, score a perfect 800 on her writing SATs, and graduate from a prestigious University with a BA in Psychology and Child Education. She enjoys stimulating and challenging her brain, creative writing, and reading (lots of reading!). Her favorite subjects to write for are English & Lit, Sociology, Psychology & History... but she welcomes the new and unfamiliar! When Lina is not scoring you A's, she can be found furiously painting, talking to her plants and dancing around the house. 


Michelle is a published author with years of experience crafting essays for high school, college, and graduate students alike. She has dual degrees in molecular biology and public health from one of the best public universities in her country, but she excels at academic writing across a multitude of disciplines. With every paper she writes, Michelle uses her keen ability to pinpoint and deliver exactly what you need!


Hannah is a writer for Killer Papers and has recently graduated with her bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature. Throughout her undergraduate career, Hannah wrote for the school newspaper and is now working on her first novel. She is highly qualified in all platforms from literature to creative writing, psychology, history, research, etc. When not reading or writing, Hannah likes to hit the gym and is up for anything to stay active!


Arielle received a double major in English Literature, focusing on Medieval lit., and History with her focus there being Japanese history and culture. Presently, she is working to publish her fiction while also posting game news and reviews to her website. Her inspiration for novel writing largely comes from Cormac McCarthy, author of The Road and All the Pretty Horses. She shares with him a sense of the macabre and unusual talent for writing brilliantly disturbing content. Her favorite topics for critical writing include sexuality, gender studies, cultural studies, and human development and psyche. 

Simply put, writing is her life, and she's excited to help you with your assignments! You're in good hands as she often jokes that writing and reading are the only things that she's good at!


Although M is new to Killer Papers, she is a seasoned writer in many ways. She is currently a graduate nursing student with authorships on several different professional-level projects and papers. She also has plenty of experience as a research assistant at both the undergraduate and graduate level, mainly within the field of nursing. Her undergraduate degree was in a healthcare-related field and her graduate degree will be in nursing. Her strengths are not limited to nursing and healthcare, however. She does really well with personal statements, resume’s, curriculum vitae, cover letters, and more. M is typically the “go-to” among her friends for editing/writing papers and statements of all kinds, such as those involving social work, women’s studies, and more – in essence, she’s well-rounded and will take on any task!