Killer Papers is an online tutoring business that specializes in helping students study for mathematics, sciences, and English. We provide online tutoring sessions and customized study plans. 

Our Story

My name is KP and I'm the owner of Killer Papers. Yep, 90,000 followers, 30+ writers and thousands of customers all managed by one dude. I have a lot of 70-hour work weeks, but it's fucking worth it because running this business is a dream come true for me. I work my ass off for everyone involved in Killer Papers and I ensure my writers will do the same for you. With every project request, I tell my writers to treat it as if they were turning it in for their own grade in college. Bottom line; We work hard. 

I started Killer Papers in December 2016 because I was wildly discontent with my corporate job, boring girlfriend (though I'll admit she was hot as fuck) and my life in general. I knew there was more for me than busting my ass for my boss else in exchange for a measly paycheck. There were fortunes to chase and bags to get to and I was ready to cash in. 

So, I put my mind to starting my own business and seeking a life with hotter girls, more sunshine, nicer cars, and a cooler house. What's better than that? All that was left was to decide which business I wanted to start. I sat for hours after work on my dad's couch every night and brainstormed until I was exhausted. Eventually, I arrived at my golden ticket idea: Start tutuoring kids online. 

Why not? I did it in college and I did it pretty damn well. Made good money, too. But at the heart of it, I was helping people. 
When you buy with Killer Papers, you know you're working with a quality company that you can TRUST. You're working with a dude who built a company out of literally nothing and turned a $20 promo on Instagram into a reputable, organized corporation with thousands of positive reviews in less than two years. I only hire tutors who will ensure that we MAINTAIN this great reputation, and treat every session as if it were a family member. 

I know the prices are high, but so is running a business. Marketing, tutors, social media, hiring, lawyers, accounting, credit card processing fees, website development, hosting, internet, phones, technology and more all are costly pieces of running this company that explain the high prices. It blows that we charge what we do, but it also means that I hire the BEST tutors in the industry. You pay for what you get in life, and when it comes to studying, you do not want to cut costs. 

Thanks for everything you guys do for me and the team. I appreciate you guys spreading the word and believing in our mission of making students lives easier while securing the bag. Have a good day and hit the contact form at the bottom of the page if you have questions.